Rihanna, Sex, and Chris Brown


Smash. Bang. Screw. Hit. Cut. Nail. Beat. Pipe.

The above slang words are all used to describe sex. Additionally, those words all have a violent undertone to them; they share a similar forcible imagery. Is sex a violent act of beating, smashing, and screwing? Either that or sex is like a handy job that requires verbs normally associated with tools and hard labor. One or the other. Notice the absence of love and care.

Enter Rihanna and Chris Brown.

A few years ago, prior to the 2009 Grammys, the country saw pictures of a battered Rihanna from the hands of her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown. I am a firm believer and proponent that one should not be punished repeatedly for the same thing. Thus, after he was sentenced, I personally moved on from the story and have paid absolutely no attention to the criticisms that were levied toward both Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Enter “Cake.”

One of the standout tracks (more like an interlude) from Rihanna’s most recent album. The track is a minute and twenty seconds of pure unadulterated desirable sexiness in audio form.

Enter “Cake Remix” featuring Chris Brown

When I initially heard that Rihanna and Chris Brown were going to do a song again, I thought that it would be a lesson in forgiveness, an opportunity for both of them to move beyond the unfortunate domestic abuse incident that will forever bind them together. I imagined a song that praised second chances. My high hopes were quickly dragged down to earth, and my expectations sunk even lower, toward the middle of the earth, when I learned they would remix, “Cake.”

Wait, what?

Why “Cake?” Last time I checked, Chris Brown and Rihanna are vocalists who have made millions of dollars from singing ballads, which seemed much more appropriate for their highly publicized and undoubtedly criticized reunion on wax. A song sung about forgiveness, or true love, or even Muppets would have sufficed. Anything other than “Cake.”

As a result, Chris Brown’s first words on the track are: “Girl, I wanna fck you right now (right now).”

Wait, what?

Chris, let me holler at you for one quick second. These are the first public words that you want to say to the woman whose face you assaulted with your hands. These are the first public words that you want to say to the woman whose battered picture covered every news website and blog for a couple days, resulting in embarrassment and humiliation for you both. These are the first public words that you want to say to the woman…to the woman that you claimed to love at one time.

Then again, one could easily remove the word, “fck” and replace it with any of the eight words at the top and the phrase will still make sense. Consequently, the violent undertone would remain in tact.

Notice the absence of love and care.

And it’s not even her birthday.



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