Only Winter on the Weekends


“She said, ‘Excuse me, lil homie, I know you don’t know me/But my name is Wendy and I like to blow trees.'” -Kanye West, Homecoming

This past Wednesday and Thursday, I wore a light spring jacket to work as the temperature tightrope walked around 60 degrees. It’s February though; the weather should not be this warm. No complaints from me during this warm weathered winter, although my heart aches for the potential disastrous effects when the snow caps begin to melt (if they haven’t already begun to do so). Last winter, which saw the New York City public school system close for a snow day for the first time in over a decade, made me contemplate leaving my beloved city that never sleeps. That winter made New York City feel like the city that always snowed with bone freezing temperatures a la Green Bay (Wisconsin) or Waterville (Maine). I was constantly shoveling out my car, complaining about the lack of heat in my apartment, and being cold all the time. This year’s warm weathered winter, on the other had, makes me contemplate never leaving my city because I can handle this kind of weather.

Until the weekend!

New York experienced a random early snow storm in October. When did it happen? On the weekend.

A couple of weeks, NYC experienced a heavy sleet storm. When did it happen? Yep, on the weekend.

What about this weekend, you ask?

On Friday, there was an annoyingly cold mix of rain and snow throughout the entire day. Currently, as I type this post (for the second time) my windows are being physically assaulted by the aforementioned invisible assailant. It sounds like my window must have stolen money from the wind.

The wind will not let anyone traversing these cold, only on the weekend, NYC streets be great. Nope, not at all. No country for outdoor weekend activities in New York City this winter, which is depressingly tough because New York is the city that always walks.


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