Why Not Me

I watched in amazement, brimming with pride, as my friends swayed the crowd with their original tunes. After the show, the rabid fans surrounded them, clamoring for a picture of the soon-to-be nationwide rockstars. They jostled for position, bumping each other in a polite, competitive way, in order to be next in line for an autograph.

And I thought, why not me?

I received a late night text from my friend. Normally at this time of night, a text from my homeboy requires some kind of solace or listening ear to a conundrum that necessitates immediate attention. I opened the text, and it highlighted his excitement because he, only a few moments ago, received an email, accepting him to one of his top medical school choices.

And I thought, why not me?

I listened to my friend describe his disgust with being in the club/lounge; he, for the first time in a long while, did not have a good time. He chose not to dance with random women in shapely dresses, accentuating their “lovely lady lumps.” Instead, he sat down on the arm of a sofa and remained there for the entire night, watching others around him dance and drink. His frustration, he later recounted, stemmed from his desire to be with his girlfriend, the woman who he knows he will marry in the near future.

And I thought, why not me?

My question is not envious. My question is not selfish. My question is not an attempt to steal my friends’ shine in any way. Instead, my question encourages me to go after my own goals and dreams. If they can, why not me?

Why not me, in terms of fame?

Why not me, in terms of acheiving educational goals?

Why not me, in terms of finding love?

When you see someone achieving success, know that you too can do it. While your dreams and aspirations may or may not be different, have faith and believe that you too can be happy, however you define that happiness/success.



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