What is Today?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Single Awareness Day.

Happy Side Chick Avoidance Day.

I have observed that the language around Valentine’s Day has drastically changed. I find it sadly entertaining, and admittedly disturbing that New York area disc jockeys proclaimed this morning that many women would “learn today” that they are indeed the side chick with the understandable absence of their “him.” Those endearing morning texts that feel like the infamous frontal lobe kiss would be replaced with silence. One of the djs lauded women who “know their position” and know that they will not receive any attention today from their “partner,” who instead is spending time with his main woman. Instead these women, he continued, will be ready to continue their relationship on Wednesday, February 15th.

Main chick. Side chick. Side joint. Main joint.

There seems to be more attention paid to the seemingly acceptable infidelity than to the original commercialized purpose of Valentine’s Day of celebrating one’s affection, care, and love for that special person in one’s life.There seems to be more attention paid to all the single and arguably lonely people on this day.

Maybe this speaks to the larger issue of the difficulty of dating or dating’s confusing, accompanying semantics. Or maybe this speaks to a larger issue of infidelity and some women’s acceptance of being the side chick. Maybe that acceptance speaks to fractured or dismissed relationship with oneself.

No judgement from my end; I am simply making an observation. Once again, what do I know? I’m a single guy, wearing a pink shirt and “smell good” cologne today to commemorate the day. Coming off of relationship week, I guess my antennas are heightened to all things relationship orientated.

Whatever you call today, whatever you want today to be for you, I sincerely hope that you get it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


6 thoughts on “What is Today?

  1. To me, it seems that it only brings attention to the fact of how willing people are to be side pieces (If you don’t know if you’re a side chick please reference [1]). So many people prefer to be asleep wrapped up in the blanket of late night booty calls and the blatant denial by trying, not successfully, to convince yourself it’s not important that you have a title or that your partner will eventually ‘come around’. Which is why there is so much antipathy towards Valentine’s Day. Since it’s the one day commercialized on telling people how you actually feel about them, who would willingly want to know that they’re a side piece? Therefore, it’s a stupid holiday because you know your dude/chick isn’t gonna get you anything, hit you up with some lame excuse about how they don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, as they make their dinner reservations and buy their flowers for their main piece. I say all this not because I’m bitter but I’m tired hearing ya’ll complain about how you secretly wish your dude/chick would celebrate but you’re too afraid to walk away because you already know the truth – you’re a side piece. So I say embrace your side pieceness, build your own roster, or go hit up your lame lance [2].

    [1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=ei6QFS9b6mo

    [2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKOB618eIjc

    • Anonymous, there is so much truth in your comment. HAHA @ “embrace your side pieceness, build your own roster, or go hit up your lame lance.” Preach!

      Also, thanks for the videos to help illustrate your point and explain the terminology of “side chick” and “lame Lance.”

      Well done!

  2. First, I am dying laughing right now. Thanks Anonymous for a late night crack up.

    Second, in my experience, if I was seeing someone and our relationship was undefined…I would be the one dodging his calls because it seems a bit unnecessary to go through the motions of V-day with someone I’m not in a committed relationship with. Maybe it’s an age issue…a younger version of myself probably wouldn’t feel the same way. Haha.

    With that said. Being single, I am very content in the V-day frenzy of this week. However, three of my “ex’s” (I use that word loosely…) have called me in the last three days to…”reconnect”. To me, that’s not very tactful given the timing. Perhaps the tide has turned and men are now the one’s who are unaware of their position?

    I guess my point is men play that side role too.

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