A Few Responses to Relationship Week

So Dr. Vidale… personally, I’ve had issues with the use of text messaging. I feel it can be impersonal, hard to read emotionally, and overused. I’m curious to know how both sexes view the use of text messaging as a source of communication in a relationship. Is it a major source, minor source, or a little of both? Why do people choose texting over a phone call? Is texting more commonly used with one gender? So many of the men I meet use text as a major source of communication and then expect me to take things seriously. What happened to the old fashioned phone call and staying up late and talking all night? Is it RIP to Whitney and the use of the phone? :o( I can’t take both.

Text messages have revolutionized the dating game, no question. As with all new innovations, the rules have thus been manipulated. From my experience, texting was initially dominated and preferred by men, and women have “had” to adjust to the new way that men communicated. One can argue that texting fits the stereotypical male emotional capability; it is short, quick, and replaces those you-hang-up-first late night calls. Though, I must admit, after a few years of texting heavy, I have now found myself looking forward to calling and talking with potential partners for those late night calls. Truthfully, my last girlfriend told me from the jump that she was not into texting and if I wanted to be with her, I would have to talk on the phone. And I did. Potential partners will reach your standards, and if they don’t then they do not need to be a partner. At the same time, many women are confused when I call or want to call.

Lately I’ve been contemplating that maybe there isn’t just “one” but several throughout the course of our lives that will be “the one” for that moment in time…I dunno. Because it goes against the concept of marriage being forever with just one person…I’m confused! Lol…I understand. And yeah I’ve been thinking about this stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out if my perceptions are my own or if its some ideal that I’ve been taught like “prince charming” that doesn’t necessarily exist.

What we are taught as children about relationships and the fairy tale-esque “the one” stay with us throughout our adults lives. Kanye West, recently rapped, “Love is cursed by monogamy/It’s something that the pastor can’t preach/It’s something that the teacher can’t teach.” Not saying he is right, but he raises a good question. Humans might be the only animals that are monogamous. Not sure. But I do know that dolphins are the other animals that have sex for pleasure. Don’t judge me. Random knowledge.

Wanted to let you know that the blog is amazing… I have signed up for the updates and post and find myself checking the Iphone daily looking for new emails and updates. Your blogs have been a source of conversation for myself and a few friends and I intend to continue to spread the word. Keep the fingers moving; relationship week has had me recalling situations and dying with laughter.

Thanks! I am glad to know that people are talking about relationships. Communication is the key to any relationship and if this blog can aid in striking up a conversation then I have done my good deed for the day.

Also, be prepared for a relationship week II; there are so many more things that I can discuss.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston!


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