Sorry Blake and Lebron-Top Five Most Disrespectful NBA Dunks

“Which one? Blake or Lebron?”

This question and its cousin-like questions have dominated the conversation silo of my male friendships for the best couple of days. Lebron James had a monster dunk over John Lucas and Blake Griffin followed up (and some would argue showed up Lebron) with a devastating dunk of his own by posterizing Kendrick Perkins only a few days later. One could argue that Lebron’s dunk is like the 2Chainz show in NYC, which was hot. Consequently, Blake’s dunk is like the ASAP Rocky show a couple of days later, which had everyone in attendance forget about the show a couple of days earlier. Valid argument. And there is also a valid counter-argument. Check out the videos for yourself:

Lebron’s dunk

Blake’s dunk

Both amazing dunks that makes the viewer’s face shrivel in amazement. Needless to say both Kendrick Perkins and John Lucas III cannot discipline their children or argue with anyone, especially their spouse or partner, because these dunks will serve as easy ammunition for a quick defeat.

But are these the best the NBA has to offer?


I spent some time trolling through NBA highlights, searching for the most disrespectful dunks. Without further ado, I present the Top Five Most Disrespectful NBA Dunks

5. Derrick Rose

It seems as if D. Rose used some of Chicago’s Wind to rise above the poor Suns defender. That man, Goran Dragic, the man that Rose used as an escalator, now plays in Spain. Get him out the paint!

4. Dwayne Wade

These Chicago natives don’t play! He steps over Sideshow Bob Anderson Varejao like he isn’t even there. Dwayne could have turned the other way on the baseline after the dunk, but like an animal watching its prey bleed out, he steps over Varejao as if he does not exist! Varejao instantly becomes the invisible man that everyone sees but cannot acknowledge. Rude.

3. Vince Carter

Vince is easily my favorite in game dunker! And here, he baptizes Alonzo Mourning, a verified All-Star center, into the poster kingdom, which he ruled for many high flying years. Similar to Wade, his sign of disrespect is not acknowldging that anything amazing just happened; his attitude yells, “I do this on the regular!” And he did!

2. Shawn Kemp

Kemp was Dominique Wilkins 2.0 with more money and more baby mamas. His dunks and subsequent celebrations are legendary and this video is easily his best dunk. He makes full contact with Alton Lister, yep-I know you don’t know that name, and the ferocity¬† with which he slams causes Mr. Lister to fall. But the pointing and taunting tho! He takes disrespect to a whole new level with this one. This should be showed at AAU games and tournaments to remind kids of what terrible sportsmanship looks like. Regardless, for our purposes, this is great disrespectful dunk!

1. Scottie Pippen

Pippen’s dunk combines all the aspects of the other dunks. He surfs the Chicago Wind against a verified All-Star center, Patrick Ewing, who like Mourning is considered one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players. He absorbs full contact. On his delayed descent, he pushes Ewing, who is already falling quickly, down to the ground. As he lands, he walks over the head of Ewing, who undoubtedly saw Pippen’s compressor shorts. And though Ewing attempts to fight back as he gets up, it is too late. You’re on a poster, Ewing! Insulting. Rude. Uncivil. Bold. Disrespectful.


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