Kobe’s New Commercial with Kanye

Below is my running commentary of the new Kobe Bryant sneaker commercial co-starring Kanye West.

0:03–Kanye: amazing artist, who has had various public spats because of his mouth. Speaking of which, terrible bottom gold grill. Terrible. Win some, lose some. Oh, and that’s a valid question, “How much more do you want from [him].”

0:04–Kobe: amazing basketball player who could end up with the best career statistically since…wait for it…Michael Jordan. He recently had a semi-public divorce with his wife, Vanessa. Oh, and his response, “More,” suits his personality because he demands more of himself and his teammates.

0:05-0:08–same exchange, a question by Kanye and a “More” response from Kobe,  about being successful

0:08-0:12–same exchange about more records to break

0:15-18–Kobe responds to Kanye’s argument that Kanye is the best with a vague line about a different animal and same beast.

Wait, what?

I’m Confused. So is Kobe a different animal, like a raccoon, but the same beast, his traditional Mamba persona. Not sure.

0:20–Kanye shares my confuses. With the straightest of straight faces filled with honesty, sincerity, and a WTF attitude, Kanye strongly questions Kobe question/comment.

0:22-0:24–the stare down. Building drama, for which both are known.

0:25–More ambiguity from Kobe with “You’re welcome.”

0:26–Kanye now even more confused with Kobe’s final comment.

Both stars displayed their personality and why America both loves and abhors them. Kobe’s stoic demeanor lends nothing new–he still seems vague and distant. Dude, you recently lost 75 million dollars and three mansions, yet no emotional response. Ok. That’s you, I get it. Kanye’s braggadocios, untamed personality shines. The two seemingly contrasting styles of openness from two of the best in their respective fields result in pure comedic gold. Dope video.


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