My Caribbean’s Mother Cure All


Chris Rock in one of his critically acclaimed stand up routine discusses how his father solved all problems with…wait for it…Robitussin

Yep, that purple medicine according to Chris Rock’s father was the cure all for any pain, ache, or problem

I have a cold. Get some Robitussin.
I have a broken leg. Rub some Robitussin in the crack.
I can’t read. Drink some Robitussin with a book open.

Robitussin works magic.

Similarly, my mother has a cure all as well, except hers was a phrase she would say whenever any of her three children complained about anything…wait for it…”It’s in your head.”

I don’t feel well. It’s in your head.
I don’t understand chemistry. It’s in your head.
I’m having a tough time dealing with procrastination. It’s in you head.

My mother’s “It in your head,” though annoying and borderline frustrating when predictably heard as the response, is actually correct. We are governed by our thoughts, and the issues that we experience can be changed when we change our thoughts, which my Caribbean mother aptly reduced to the seemingly simple phrase, “It’s in your head.”

The following mini book explains the power of one’s thought. This idea was the basis of the widely popular book, “The Secret.”

What negative thought(s) about yourself or your life do you need to change?
How can you use positive thoughts to change your current situation?
When will you realize that the majority of your problems and conversely their solutions are as my mother would advice, “It’s in your head?”


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