Terrell Owen’s GQ Article

I received an email from a few friends, encouraging me to read Terrell Owen’s recent interview with GQ Magazine.

I decided to write down my thoughts as I were reading it. I included the lines that provoked those thoughts:

“As you’re planning your Super Bowl party this year, give a thought to future Hall of Famer Terrell Ownes. He’s out of work, out of money, and currentlyy in court with all four of his baby mamas.”

  • Four baby mamas. Court. This isn’t going to end well for T.O.

“‘People get busy, you know'” [Terrell explains] when none of his friends return his texts to go bowling.

  • Umm…Terrell, they know you’re financially dried up and they don’t want to pay for your shoe rental. Damn, homie.

“It’s not his knee that’s the problem; it’s his attitude,” says an executive at one of the better teams, who didn’t want to be named.

  • It is do difficult to change one’s reputation and unfortunately he burned bridges in every city he touched…as well as impregnate women in those cities.  I think his attitude has changed though.

“Around each wrist are two-inch-wide rubber bracelets embossed with words in black and white: LOVE ME HATE ME.”

  • Yeah so I take back me last comment. Give me something to work with Terrell.

“I’M IN HELL. That’s what he texts back to people who ask where he is.”

  • Really? All caps, bruh? That morbid response might be why no one wants to go bowling with you…just saying.

“Could he actually be on the verge of admitting he made an error? ‘Well, I probably should have done…,’ he begins, rubbing his hand along the contours of his massive shaved dome. Then he stops himself.”

  • Admit your wrongs, Terrell. Be accountable for your actions. You blame others and want others to acknowledge the wrong that they did to you. At the same time, you have to do the same. More than anything, people want to see that you are sorry for your past wrongs…it’s a sick obsession America has, they want to see your contrition.

“Is he sorry he never got the message that Jerry Rice tried to impart to him back in San Francisco, during the years the two had what is probably the closest Owens has ever known to a father-son relationship (it soured, of course)…”

  • The “of course” stings. Here the bias of the author seeps through and perpetuates a negative image of T.O. and his relationships. No bueno!

“He had a feature role in a small-budget rom-com shot this past spring (he co-stars with Stacey Dash and George Clooney’s current companion, former pro wrestler Stacy Keibler), which will have a limited release in New York and L.A. in February.”

  • Stacy Dash. Has she made any impact on any screen, big or small, since her appearance in Clueless or in Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” video. Nope. And the other co-star, a former pro-wrestler, who is famous for dating George Clooney. Yep. Bad choice for making your featured starring role with those two. I really hope some team gives you a call…but we both know that is not going to happen.

“They may not be ready for me, but me, I’m ready.”

  • Unfortunately Terrell, it may be time to start to look for other jobs. I think you would be a wonderful color commenter; you have to be better than Shaq. Get that steady paycheck in your pocket so that you can afford to pay that back child support. Lastly, see your youngest son; I know you hate his mother, but that young boy did nothing to you and deserves to at least see the face of his father. Be responsible for actions.

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