A New York Fitted Hat in San Fransico


That is a dope hat, I think as I admire the passerby’s Oakland Athletics 59/50 fitted hat. The gold “A’s” jumps off the green background.

I am a huge proponent of travel. I am, at the same time, not an intellectual snob or bougie black male that believes that all travel requires a passport. In fact, there are so many different places to visit here in the United States. One can undoubtedly learn and experience so much in our figurative backyard.

As a junior in high school, I went to San Fransico for a student conference. It was my first time going to a big city outside of New York. In fact, it was my first time on the West coast. Every previous time I had boarded a plane, the destination was either a Caribbean island to visit relatives or Florida.

During this time, fitted caps were extremely popular. It was a mandatory accessory for males; if you did not have on a fitted, at that time, you were not completely dressed. And the fitted had to match your attire. I had at least 15 hats in my collection of various teams, often bought for the color scheme, which would aid the color coded-ness of an outfit. Roughly half of those hats were New York Yankees hats. The NY fitted is a staple piece in any male New Yorker’s wardrobe. My brother, for example, who hates the Yankees, has multiple NY Yankee fitted hats. It is a must. Jay-Z bragged in his opus to New York that he made navy blue fitted NY Yankee cap more famous than any Yankee. His boast highlights his affect on popular culture, and I must admit that in my travels throughout the country, I am always surprised by how many NY fitted I see.

Damn, there goes another one. And another one. Wow, his hat is a different color. I think to myself as I see numerous Oakland A’s hats while I walk around downtown San Fransico.

I suddenly realize at that moment that each city has their own team and subsequent hat that they idolize and wear incessantly. Small fact learned while wearing my New York fitted in San Fransico.


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