Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all my readers! This is my last “Happy New Year” greeting for the year. Yesterday, my first day back to work, every time I saw someone I said those three words. I am “Happy New Year’d” out.

In addition, I am not a big proponent of these specialized one day holidays a la Valentine’s Day. I am of the opinion that one should show one’s love to one’s partner everyday in some form or fashion. It is the little things in life. Similarly, I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. The beauty of life is that when one wants and is determined to make a change, it will happen. One does not need to wait until January 1st to start better habits or purge oneself of those guilty and often unhealthy pleasures. Make the change today.

Yesterday, while teaching a health class, I listed for students my top four ways to help decrease stress. The last one was to break large projects or goals into smaller pieces or tasks. When a small task is accomplished it will undoubtedly build one’s confidence, which is essentially as one continues toward the ultimate goal. I offer that same advice to you all as you work towards your goals and resolutions. Ask yourself everyday, “What did I do do today to help me get closer to my goal?” Thus, if your goal is to lose weight, which is often the number one resolution, what choices did you make today to help you do that? Do you chose to drink water instead of soda or juice? Did you park your car slightly farther from your destination so that you can walk a bit more?

Find and win those relatively small victories daily and you will find that they add up rather quickly and your goal will be closer at the end of each day.

Please share your goals and resolutions in the comments below.


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