Holiday Albums


Today does not feel like Christmas Eve. Maybe it is the unseasonably warm weather; maybe it is the fact that my mother is on the other side of the pond and will not be present when our family opens gifts tomorrow for the first time; maybe it is the fact that I am done with Christmas shopping and I am not fighting against other last minute shoppers for the scraps of the scraps. Whatever the reason, I need a bit of help to get into the Christmas mood. In steps the smart and calculating record industry. Record companies coerce their biggest stars on their respective labels to sing traditional Christmas songs or Christmas inspired ballads to sell during this time. Like many others, I enjoy holiday music and have purchased various Christmas albums. Below is a quick list of which albums have earned a spot in the holiday rotation at my house:

Boyz II Men produced a Christmas album, “Christmas Interpretations,” and I purchased it for my mother one year. We listened to it for a couple of years, but unfortunately with the group’s demise, the album slowly made its way out of the rotation. Additionally, Destiny’s Child, “8 Days of Christmas,” experienced a similar fate. When the group broke up, it marked the end of their reign in the holiday rotation. Both are well made albums, with amazing vocals, but due to outstanding circumstances are rarely played in my house anymore.

Earlier this year, around the beginning of November, a friend gave me Justin Bieber’s, “Under the Mistletoe.” While I am not a diehard fan of Justin, he can sing…very well. His album displays his vocal range, and more importantly promotes a feeling of holiday cheer, which is the purpose of such albums. I listened to it then and put it away because it was not even Thanksgiving when I first received it. However, the album will definitely make a return tonight and earn a few spins over the weekend, as his voice fills my home with holiday spirit.

*Sidenote: I also remembered this album because the NBA has crafted promotional commercials for their opening Christmas day games using Justin’s catchy hip pop song.*

Lastly, there is Bing. Bing Crosby has provided a consistent soundtrack to my holiday memories. For some reason, my step-father, an older Caribbean man, loves to play this cd. In fact, I remember when we first started to buy compact discs, Bing Crosby’s, “White Christmas” album was one of the first cds we purchased. I clearly remember when my step-father brought home that Nobody Beats the Wiz bag that holiday season, filled with these new products known as cds that were going to replace his extensive collection of records and tapes. No one could have imagined at that time that an album that he picked up because it was on sale would never leave our family’s holiday rotation; Bing is a staple in our home during this time of year.

What are your favorite holiday albums?

Happy Christmas Eve!


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