Last Minute Gift Ideas

First and foremost, Happy 50th Birthday to my mother! She is currently navigating the streets of London; it her first time visiting Europe. She inspires me daily and this trip reinforces for me that goals are meant to be accomplished. Love you, mom!


The gift-giving season is upon us! No, really it is. With only today and tomorrow left to finish your holiday shopping (unless you are like some people I know who wait for the after Christmas sales before they give gifts), I wanted to help my readers out. Thus, I have complied a list of last minute gift ideas. I have separated the list into tier 1 and tier 2 gift ideas, please choose accordingly.

Tier 1

Gift Cards–They are safe, reliable, and ubiquitous; they can be found at gas stations to department stores. If you are truly in a rush and cannot think of anything to get that special someone, purchase a gift card while you fill up on pump two.

Bottle of wine or alcohol–Most people enjoy a good drink every once in a while (some more often than others). If your special loved one likes to sip a fine wine or alcoholic beverage, scoop up a bottle of their favorite at your local wine and spirits store. Since it is the holidays, throw in a few extra dollars and get a better bottle of red (Malbec or Jumilla is my suggestion…thank me later).

Scarfs, hats, gloves–Do not be fooled by the unseasonably warm weather that the New York area has been having. It will get colder. Hence, this gift, for him or her, is more than appropriate and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient while they move through the inevitable frigid air.

Downloadable gifts–Amazon and iTunes now allows you to send books, music videos, apps, and music as gifts. If your special someone has had their eye on an upcoming book or album, purchase it for them and have Amazon or iTunes send it to their respective device. Oh, you want them to enjoy the joy of ripping off the brightly colored wrapping paper. There’s an app for that. Well…more like a website; visit Giftwhip and you can even set a no-peek proof timer. Not even kidding! Check out the site.

Online subscriptions–One of the best things about the holidays is cuddling up with that special person and watching a movie. Hence, you can give them an online subscription to Netflix or Hulu plus. It will truly be a gift that keeps on giving.

Tier 2

Digital picture frame–A quick gift idea, but one that will score big points. Buy the frame and then upload pictures of you and your special someone that will play on an continuous loop. Never did anything with those pictures from that vacation to that exotic destination. Well, now you have a perfect place for them. And the great part about this gift is that you can change the pictures as often as you want.

Jewelry–You can never go wrong with jewelry, except if you give a jewelry gift too early in the relationship. Jewelry instantaneously takes your relationship to a new level, so be smart with this one. Additionally, take your time with its selection; it should match your special person’s style and taste. Do not just rush out and get a Zales Open Heart Collection piece because you have seen the commercial 340348 times. No! Resist the temptation sparked by your haste! Instead, slow down and think of something that they would truly enjoy. Maybe it is a timeless timepiece or elegant earrings. Whatever you decide to get, they will love it!

Prose/Poetry–There is something powerfully emotional about the written word and its attempt to express ideas and feelings. You do not have to be a wordsmith or even know how to rhyme. For example, state the top three reasons why you love/care for your special person and they will appreciate it. Extra points if you place your loving words on special parchment paper and/or wrap the gift in a special box.

Romantic idea for free: Get a key (do not select a key that you need or use; I suggest you buy a lock and key and use that key) and couple it with your written piece. Place both items in a small box and explain to your someone that you are giving them the key to your heart. Seems corny, but the results will be stupendous…or so I have heard.

Romantic idea for those who are not confident in their writing skills: create a picture bookmark that contains pictures of you with your special someone and/or create a picture journal of your relationship (include pictures from the first date or pictures from movie stubs…be creative)

Spa day–This one is strictly for the ballers, those who reside in the 1%. Just joking..kinda. Treat your special someone to a relaxing time at a spa. If you are in the New York area, check out Spa Castle. Spa treatments, like most things in life, are more fun with others, so splurge on yourself and make it a fun day for you both! Slam dunk!

Charitable donations–This kind of gift is not for everyone! In fact, this kind of gift requires you to know your special someone intimately. The following two websites allows for you to make a charitable donation in the name of your loved one. This will only go over well with someone who has a charitable heart and will appreciate the kind gesture. I know everyone wants to say that they do…but let’s be real. For many people, they look forward to the holiday season and are excited by the gifts they will receive. The true meaning of this time of year is to give, and if you give to those that are less fortunate then you are even better. Check out these sites and give locally or internationally. The gifts range from $12 to over $5000, so you can find something in your price range. Even if you do not want to give this gift to someone else, I strongly encourage you to donate. Please check out Charity Gifts Certificiates and/or OxFam America

Have a happy and safe shopping season!


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