Conversations are more fun now. Since I have started a blog, I feel more attentive, listening for that moment when I feel that others should be privy to my friends’ intelligent, funny, and insightful comments. I should write about this is a thought that appears in my mind more consistently.

The other night, while having dinner with two female friends, I thought that thought a trillion times. Our eclectic conversations touched topics from the rise of technology to the 90s to relationships.

*Editors’ note: relationships are probably my favorite things to discuss with others because no two relationships are the same though we often try to compare them. My take on relationships is simple: you have to be in a trusting and loving relationship with oneself first and foremost before you can engage in a healthy and safe one with others. I should write about this.*

All I could think about was wanting to write about it all. As I blog, I am also learning that I am more opinionated. That’s not true. I have always had opinions, and now I am more willing to share them on my blog and in ‘real life.’ In doing so, I notice that I do not care how others view me. Let me clarify. I am no longer overly concerned with pleasing others or fitting into others’ expectations and thoughts about me. I feel free from the constricting boxes in which we, as a society, try to neatly stuff others. I have not transcended society’s pressurized hold on how I think about myself, but I have wiggled and made some space while within its grip. I can breathe a bit easier.

Thankfully, I am learning that I am enough. I do not lack. I can improve. Where I am is where I am, and there is no reason to feel negatively about that position or beat myself up about it.

The more and more I write, the more thankful I am that I started this blog. The dividends far outnumber and exceed my expectations.


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