“What is your blog about?” is the question that I’ve been nervously anticipating for three days. How do I answer that? I know the question is not a meaning-of-life question but it sure evokes that same kind of anxiety in one’s attempt to best answer it. I worry that I will forget or leave something out of my explanation. Luckily, no one has asked that question yet. Well, not directly to me. I wonder when and where it will happen. Instead of waiting for others, I decided to ask myself this morning.

In a self-deprecating manner, I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled under my breath, “Nothing.” In bed, I rolled from one shoulder to the other, as if the question was a nuisance and my slight movement would create enough space for me to avoid it. I tend to do that

I shocked myself. That’s my answer. My blog is about nothing. Great! I cannot wait to continue to write about nothing. Then my mind, in the way my mind works, started to think about all things related to nothing, from Abyss to Zero. But the one place my mind lingered while crafting nothing’s alphabet soup was the letter s.


The amazingly funny show about…wait for it…nothing. The show was about nothing in particular, highlighting the daily minutia of living in New York City. It only covered chinese restaurants, friendships, parking garages, love, soup, dating, fluffy shirts, and work.

Nothing, really
Really, nothing.

Just the day to day activities and events that shape and reflect who the characters are.

Then my synapses brought forth this memory of Jerry Seinfeld and his advice on how to become the best comedian one can be. Trust me, I have no comedic aspirations, but his advice is transferrable to many life goals. Seinfeld said that when he was an aspiring comic he would write a joke everyday, even when he was not in the mood to do it. To aid him in his daily joke writing routine, he mounted a wall-sized calendar in a prominent space. Armed with a big red marker, he would place an X on the day he crafted a joke. After a while, he created a chain of red Xs. He said that the maintaining the chain of Xs became his motivation because once he skipped one day, he knew it would be easy to skip another. So his final words to the young comedian who asked for his advice was, “Don’t break the chain.”

Truthfully, I did not want to write today. Maybe that is why I answered my question with an unenthused nothing.

I wrestled myself from under the cover’s warm embrace and grabbed my iPad and keyboard. After opening my wordpress app, I asked myself again, “What is your blog about?” In the title space, I typed.



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